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Digital storytelling

My Yorkshire is a showcase for digital storytelling and community history in Yorkshire.
What is digital storytelling?
Digital stories provide a simple way of sharing stories, personal histories and recollections online. They are usually between one and three minutes in length.  The simplest form consists of an audio commentary against a background of images, and some also include music and video. My Yorkshire uses digital storytelling to make community history come to life.
Where can I find more digital storytelling?
The BBC has done several digital storytelling projects.  Telling Lives includes some stories from the Humber. Capture Wales is another digital storytelling project.
The Bristol Museums, Galleries and Archives have an excellent website for their Bristol Stories project.
Stoke-on-Trent Museums have digital stories on MySpace including Travel the Potteries in Six Minutes.
The Centre for Digital Storytelling has a variety of stories on their website.
The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has examples of digital stories on its website.
Check out Screen Yorkshire for more film from our region.
How can I make my own digital story?
Digital stories on the My Yorkshire website have all been produced by communities in partnership with museums. Contact the museum directly if you are interested in being involved in one of their projects. Contact details can be found in the Contributors section of this website.
Creating digital stories is all about weaving stories of people, places and events in time.  Find out more about storytelling on our sister website; My Learning.  
If you want to create a digital story you will need to record your story.  We have created a guide to recording, equipment and editing your track in audacity to help. 
Once you've done this you'll need to pick some photos to illustrate your story.  Then combine your audio track with your photos in PhotoStory 3.  We've created a quick guide to help you do this.   
The Digital Story Cookbook has been produced by the Centre for Digital Storytelling. It is a good place to start for help with scripting and producing your own story.
The BBC also has a guide to digital storytelling.
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