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The Sinclair ZX

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Silent Objects: Telling Tales

This story is part of a Renaissance Partnership-funded project to collect contextual information about objects held in the Kirklees collections, and to make objects in the Kirklees collections more accessible.     


Tolson Museum, which serves Huddersfield and South Kirklees, is home to thousands of objects – too many to put on show – these stories tell you about a few of them.   Some stories are told by the people who have donated the objects, such as The Night Watchman’s Clock, and others are told by people who have a link to the objects, such as the The Sinclair ZX.   A handful of the stories are extracts from interviews held in the Kirklees Sound Archive, such as Childhood Pleasures.


The project included a monthly exhibition at the museum to highlight objects which arrived in the collections with little background information.   Visitors were invited to participate in the project by sharing their memories.  


The final phase of the project is a Memory Bank: a computer in Tolson Museum which will enable museum visitors to access the stories, information about objects in the collections, and the Kirklees Image Archive, which had not previously been accessible in the museum. 

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