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The Sinclair ZX

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The Arrival of the Sinclair ZX

In 1981 Clive Sinclair launched the ZX, one of the first affordable home computers.   The ZX 81 was unbelievably limited by today’s standards.   The available memory was tiny and any loss of power meant starting again.   The computer did not have a monitor: people simply used their TV screen.  But it was a beginning, and very exciting in its day.


The three interviews used to create this story record the excitement with which early home PCs were greeted.   The PC manuals encouraged people to write their own programs: the independent British software industry was born.

The Kirklees Collections have a number of computers, all owned and used locally.   These include a 1982 Radio Shack TRS 80 Model III used by a local dentist for word processing and accounts, a 1981 Sinclair ZX, a Spectrum Plus and an Acorn which was bought at a reduced price as part of a TV package in the 1980s.


Watch the Sinclair ZX digi story»

Document iconStory provided by: Tolson Museum

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