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Karriers Motors Ltd, Huddersfield

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Ronald Sykes

Karrier Motors made commercial motor vehicles in Huddersfield in the early 20th Century.  The company started life as Clayton and Company in 1904.  By 1920 it had changed its name to Karrier Motors Ltd.  The company was taken over by Rootes in 1934, production moving to Luton in 1935. 

Ronald Sykes worked at Karriers from 1926 until the company was taken over by Rootes.  He later ran his own business and worked for David Brown in Meltham.  In this excerpt he describes his progress from chassis cleaner to driver at Karriers.

This extract is part of a longer interview made in 1986.  The original interview is part of the Kirklees Sound Archive.  Images of Karrier Motors vehicles can be found on the Kirklees Image Archive (see Related Links below), and further information in the Transport Gallery of Tolson Museum.

Click to watch the Ronald Sykes video: Life at Karriers

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