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Accessibility Statement

The My Yorkshire website aims to permit both physical and intellectual access to the widest possible audience. In developing the site we have applied technical standards promoted by the work of the World-Wide-Web Consortium's (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).

Access Keys

The My Yorkshire website follows the UK government's guidelines for access keys, which provide keyboard shortcuts and offer you an alternative way of navigating around the site.

To use access keys:
  • Press and hold the 'Alt' key
  • Press the letter or number of the access key as listed below
  • Press the return key. You should now be redirected to the page you require

NB: If you are using a Macintosh system, you must press the 'Ctrl' key and the access key.

  • S - Skip Navigation
  • 1 - Home page
  • 2 - News and Events
  • 3 - Website Map
  • 4 - Search (enter key words into the box then press ‘Return’)
  • 5 - About
  • 6 – Themes
  • 7 - Stories
  • 8 - Privacy and Child Protection Policy
  • 9 – Contributors
  • 0 - Accessibility Options
Please note:
  • Access key functionality may vary based on the type of operating system you are using
  • Access keys are only supported by MS Internet Explorer 4 and above and by Netscape 6x versions
Accessibility features on the site include:
  • Validation of all XHTML, CSS and additional scripts
  • Screen reader ‘ready’ and compliant
  • All page source has been checked against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines compliance
  • Cascading style sheets used in favour of tables, for everything except explicit tabular data
  • All content is still legible without the use of Cascading style sheets (CSS), but obviously does not look the same visually
  • Navigation of the site does not require any scripts
  • Appropriate tagging for all images
  • Transcripts for video and audio
  • A link to skip navigation. You can use this link to skip the navigation and jump straight to the content on any page in the site
  • Text sizes are all relative. You can adjust the font size on the site to make it easier to view. With this in mind we have made available 2 buttons on the site interface to which will increase the font size which some users may find more comfortable to read
  • Printer friendly: our site prints in such a way that the pages which can be downloaded as support material have text and images that are legible when printed out on a standard 300dpi printer using white A4 size paper (without the navigation sections that you find on the site).

System Requirements
This website can be viewed on any web browser software capable of reading HTML pages. However, the multimedia-rich nature of the site prompts us to recommend the combination of a modern operating system and graphical browser for the best experience.

Examples of such configurations are shown below:
  • IBM PC compatible Pentium II 300Mhz or greater running Windows 95, 98, 2000 or XP, with Internet Explorer 5.5 or onwards, Netscape 6 or beyond, or Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Macintosh G3 or greater running OS9 or OSX, with Safari 1.0 or Internet Explorer 5.2 or greater
  • Your internet connection should be 512k or greater to experience video and Flash content at its best. A dial-up connection is not recommended, although it is possible to comfortably view content other than video and Flash animations on such a connection.

Colour blindness and clarity

Our site does not discriminate against visual disabilities such as: colour blindness, glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration etc

The site layout has been kept simple and conventional with low vision and visual impairments in mind. We have chosen specific:
  • Colour schemes for foreground, background and complementary images
  • Contrast between foreground and background elements

Accessible multimedia

Our multimedia content, e.g. recorded voice or video, may be inaccessible to users who have a hearing impairment. It will also be inaccessible to those using computers without audio capability or who do not have, or cannot use (because of a firewall), the plug-ins necessary to use the playback. We have provided text transcriptions of the audio and video content to assist you.

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